Sam Amidon © John Spinks for Monheim Triennale
Photo: Sam Amidon © John Spinks for Monheim Triennale

Sam Amidon (US)

Sam Amidon (born in 1981, Vermont, USA) is an American folk musician and singer, who plays guitar, banjo and violin. His works succeed in combining traditional North American music with a personalised contemporary vocabulary. He creates a sound which is both historically-charged and free-form in its improvisational approach.

Both of his parents are folk musicians. Mary Alice Amidon and Peter Amidon had a major influence on their son's development. Sam Amidon has a reputation for musical curiosity and stylistic openness. His self-released debut album "Solo Fiddle" in 2001 exclusively showcased traditional fiddle instrumentals. His unique artistry results from his extremely playful and experimental approach as well as his distinctive vocals and idiosyncratic intonation.

Sam Amidon works as a solo artist, but also engages in all manner of collective contexts ranging from street concerts to performances with symphonic orchestras.
His album "The Following Mountain" appeared in 2017 and in contrast to earlier albums, solely showcases his own compositions.

Sam Amidon describes his latest album "Sam Amidon" (2020) as the most complete realisation of his artistic vision until now. The nine tracks present radical reworkings of nine mostly traditional folk songs. His band consists of long-time friends including Shahzad Ismaily (electric bass and acoustic guitar). With the new album, he continues to develop his own personal sound universe.

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