Mesh Cover 1/8 by Vasilis Marmatakis
Mesh Cover 1/8 by Vasilis Marmatakis

About us

With the Monheim Triennale, a new music festival is being created in which pioneering artistic positions in current improvised, composed and popular music can be heard and come into contact with each other.

The festival will take place for the first time in summer 2022 and will then play various venues along the Rhine promenade in Monheim am Rhein in a three-year rotation. From July 1st to 3rd 2021 the festival’s special edition „The Prequel“ has taken place.

After the completion of the industrial monument ‘Kulturraffinerie K714’ into a modern, multifunctional event hall, this will serve as the main venue for the Triennale from 2025.

The aim of the Monheim Triennale is to present both current improvised and composed as well as popular music eye-to-eye in a joint festival context. Therefore, the festival goes beyond the staging of concerts: an open space for artistic gatherings and experiments is created, the invited musicians will be heard several times each and can thus be experienced in the whole range of their work.
In addition, the festival offers all interested people the opportunity to encounter contemporary art in a direct and participatory way through installations, concerts and lecture performances in public spaces in diverse collaborations with local ensembles, schools and other educational institutions.

“It’s a great privilege and a wonderful opportunity to live up to such a challenge. At the same time, a festival of this kind also marks the beginning of a new era for the way contemporary music is being presented. I hope to come as close as possible to our ambitious goals”, comments Artistic Director Reiner Michalke who was Artistic Director at the Moers Festival from 2006 to 2016 and is the current Programme Director at Cologne's Stadtgarten.

Mayor Daniel Zimmermann: “We regard the Monheim Triennale as a great opportunity for our city. A festival of this kind will not just help the city of Monheim/Rhine to achieve international acclaim. We also foresee contact possibilities between performing festival artists with Monheim's children and youth which thereby further promotes cultural education”.

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