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Best of Monheim Triennale Livestreams

Friday, 10/16/20, 00:00

With this 'Best of'-special we would like to thank all those involved in these online sessions and share our anticipation of the first Monheim Triennale in 2021 with you. Overall, we aired these sessions for 13 weeks with a total of 16 guests. Among them Sam Amidon, Lakecia Benjamin, Dálava, Kris Davis, Greg Fox, Shabaka Hutchings, Robert Landfermann, Marcus Schmickler, Stian Westerhus, further participating artists such as Kathrin Pechlof, Ingrid Laubrock and Mats Gustafsson as well as the curators Swantje Lichtenstein, Thomas Venker, and the mayor of Monheim am Rhein, Daniel Zimmermann. Not only did it provide us with insights into the process of creating the Monheim Triennale, but also into the everyday lives in different international settings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Livestream with Shabaka Hutchings

Tuesday, 06/30/20, 19:00

Visit from London: For the next live stream on Tuesday, June 30th at 7pm, we look forward to sax player Shabaka Hutchings in the virtual concert room of the Monheim Triennale. As per usual, our Artist in Residence Achim Tang will host this talk

In recent years Shabaka Hutchings has established himself as a central figure in the London jazz scene. He is the bandleader of both ‘Sons of Kemet’ and ‘Shabaka and the Ancestors’ as well as a member of the trio ‘The Comet Is Coming’ with keyboarder Dan Leavers and drummer Max Hallett.

Livestream with Mayor Daniel Zimmermann

Tuesday, 06/23/20, 19:00

In today livestream we welcome the mayor of Monheim am Rhein, Daniel Zimmermann. At 7 pm, he will join our virtual Triennale space with our Artistin Residence and livestream host Achim Tang.

The talk will concern the idea behind the Monheim Triennale as well as Marcus Schmickler's soundscape creation on 1 July 2020. Other topics will be Monheim’s approach to cultural education and their efforts to establish art in public as an essential element of Monheim's urban culture. Well-known examples are the sculpture ‘Leda’ by Markus Lüpertz and also the current construction of the ‘Monheimer Geysir’ by Thomas Stricker.

Livestream w/ Kris Davis and Achim Tang

Tuesday, 06/09/20, 19:00

We are very pleased to welcome the New York pianist and composer Kris Davis in our livestream. She will be welcomed by Artist in Residence and presenter Achim Tang.

Kris Davis has been the shooting star of the international jazz scene for the past two years: In 2018, she was named Rising Star Artist by DownBeat magazine. Her latest album Diatom Ribbons was number 1 on the lists of the best jazz albums 2019 of the New York Times and NPR. The success continues: One week ago she won the JJA Jazz Award in the categories Composer and Pianist 2020.

The live stream will be broadcast live at 7pm here on our website, on Facebook and on

Livestream with Stian Westerhus and Achim Tang

Tuesday, 05/26/20, 19:00

In the 10th edition of our livestream series we welcome Norwegian guitarist Stian Westerhus on Tuesday, May 26th at 7pm. He has just recently released his latest album 'Redundance', which is already regarded as award-winning material by music critics. As per usual, our Artist in Residence Achim Tang will host this talk.

We have done the sums: So far, ten artists have joined us in our virtual concert space. Not only global, but also musical boundaries were overcome. Each edition presented us with new insights into the different facets of Triennale artists. We are looking forward to more!

Livestream Concert with Mats Gustafsson and Achim Tang

Tuesday, 05/19/20, 19:00

The Swedish jazz saxophonist Mats Gustafsson stopped by in the virtual concert room for a concert duo with Artist in Residence and bassist Achim Tang.

Mats Gustafsson is invited to the Monheim Triennale with other greats of the Scandinavian improvisation scene in a project by Triennale artist Sofia Jernberg. We were excited to see a giant of improvised music live.

The concert was broadcasted live on Facebook and here on this website.

Livestream talk with Swantje Lichtenstein and Thomas Venker

Tuesday, 05/12/20, 19:00

In the next edition of our livestream series on Tuesday, May 12th at 7 pm, members of the board of curators of the Monheim Triennale were paying us a visit. For our next talk, our Artist in Residence Achim Tang was pleased to welcome performance artist and professor for aesthetic practices Swantje Lichtenstein as well as Thomas Venker, co-editor-in-chief of Kaput magazine (Magazin für Insolvenz & Pop) and lecturer for music journalism & artist marketing.

How is a festival programme created? What exactly has to be considered in the curating process? Swantje Lichtenstein and Thomas Venker answered Achim Tang's questions - and provide exclusive insights into the selection of Triennale artists. The two of them are not only linked by their activities for the Monheim Triennale, but also by their teaching activities: What has changed in Corona times? How is it still possible to teach art, music, and culture? Where could there be a bridge between the Monheim Triennale and teaching at the university?

The talk was broadcasted live on Facebook and here on our website.

Livestream with Greg Fox and Achim Tang

Tuesday, 05/05/20, 19:00

For our next livestream on Tuesday, May 5th at 7pm, we were looking forward to welcome drummer Greg Fox at the Monheim Triennale's virtual concert space. Just like Triennale artists Lakecia Benjamin and Ingrid Laubrock, Fox was joining us live from New York. As per usual, the host has been our Artist in Residence Achim Tang. 

Despite the pandemic, Greg Fox holds on to his original plans, and has been rather successful indeed. He recently started a crowdfunding campaign to finance a publicly accessible recording studio in Brooklyn. He will also release his new album 'Contact,' on May 28th. He revealed more about it during his talk with Achim Tang.

The session was streamed live on Facebook as well as here on our website.

Livestream concert with Ingrid Laubrock and Achim Tang

Tuesday, 04/28/20, 19:00

A Visit from Brooklyn: For our livestream on Tuesday, 28 April at 7 pm (UTC+2), we were happy to welcome German sax player and composer Ingrid Laubrock at the Monheim Triennale virtual concert space. 
As per usual, the host was our Artist in Residence Achim Tang. 
Ingrid Laubrock has been living in New York City ever since 2009, just like Triennale artist Kris Davis, with whom she collaborated for many years and with whom she had planned joint projects for this year's edition of the Monheim Triennale. In 2019, Ingrid Laubrock also played alongside Triennale artist Robert Landfermann who has been our guest during the previous livestream together with Kathrin Pechlof . 
The concert was broadcasted live on Facebook and on  

Livestream concert with Robert Landfermann, harpist Kathrin Pechlof and Achim Tang

Tuesday, 04/21/20, 19:00

For our next livestream, we were delighted to present the Cologne bass player and Triennale artist Robert Landfermann and the Berlin harpist Kathrin Pechlof in our virtual concert space of the Monheim Triennale.

What's special this time? Kathrin Pechlof is part of a particularly special project which Robert Landfermann has planned for the first edition of the Monheim Triennale in 2021. In tribute to his birthplace Oberwinter, on the banks of the river Rhine, Robert Landfermann has assembled an ensemble exclusively for the Monheim Triennale, bringing together some of the best improvisers in all of Europe.

The musical meeting could be followed live on Tuesday, 21 April 2020 on Facebook as well as on our website.

Live-Stream performance with Marcus Schmickler + Achim Tang

Tuesday, 04/14/20, 19:00

The show goes on! The guest for our next livestream was Marcus Schmickler, one of the most important composers of contemporary electronic and new music.

On Tuesday, 14 April at 7 pm, the composer went live from his electro-acoustic studio Piethopraxis in Cologne and joined the virtual concert space by the Monheim Triennale. And this time, the audience was actively involved. Marcus Schmickler recommended logging in on several devices simultaneously during the stream and spreading these devices throughout the room. The composer made use of those unavoidable latencies during streaming and created a very special spatial sound as a result.

The musical meeting could be followed live on Tuesday, 14 April 2020 on Facebook as well as on our website.

Live-Stream talk with Lakecia Benjamin + Achim Tang

Tuesday, 04/07/20, 19:00

Sax player Lakecia Benjamin from New York talked with our ‘Artist in Residence’ Achim Tang. Lakecia Benjamin not only played the saxophone, but also reported from New York's inner city, which suffers the effects by the corona virus like no other major city.

The musical meeting could be followed live on Tuesday, 7 April 2020 on Facebook as well as on our website.

Live-Stream concert with Julia Úlehla (Dálava) + Achim Tang

Tuesday, 03/31/20, 19:00

After the premiere of our live stream concert with Sam Amidon and "Artist in Residence" Achim Tang, we looked forward to welcome the next Triennale artist in the virtual concert room on Tuesday, March 31st. Julia Úlehla, together with guitarist Aram Bajakian, who form the artist duo Dálava, joined Achim Tang live from Vancouver for a live session full of music.

The musical meeting could be followed live on Tuesday, March 31st 2020 on Facebook as well as on our website.

Live-Stream concert w/ Sam Amidon & Achim Tang

Tuesday, 03/24/20, 19:00

We let the already cancelled concert of Sam Amidon in Monheim am Rhein take place in a special way: Our "Artist in Residence" Achim Tang gave a live concert together with Sam Amidon, who was in London at the time.

The musical meeting could be followed live on Tuesday, March 24th 2020 on Facebook as well as on our website.