The Sound 2023

Monheim am Rhein, Project
Photo: Monheim am Rhein, Project "Resonanzen", Frank Schulte,

Monheim Triennale II: The Sound – Sonic Art in Public Spaces

We are looking forward to the start of the Monheim Triennale II. From June 3 to July 2, 2023, Monheim am Rhein will be the venue for a new sound art exhibition:

The Sound - Sonic Art in Public Spaces is a sound art exhibition that will open the Monheim Triennale II. For four weeks, The Sound will present works by internationally renowned artists in public spaces that have been developed site-specifically for Monheim am Rhein.

Hakeem Adam presented by Emeka Ogboh, Angela de Weijer, Caroline Devine, John Grzinich, Christina Kubisch, Myriam Lefkowitz, Amber Meulenijzer, Rie Nakajima, Phillip Sollmann / Konrad Sprenger, Staalplaat Soundsystem, Chris Watson, James Webb and Robert Wilson.

The installations and performances will be complemented by sound interactions and interventions by and with students from the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, the Robert Schumann University Düsseldorf and the Bern University of the Arts.

As with past events of the Monheim Triennale, the sound art exhibition The Sound will be accompanied by intensive collaboration with various institutions in the city: Pupils of the Peter-Ustinov-Gesamtschule will design a sound art space in the Kunsthaus Turmstrasse and the municipal music school will offer several workshops with John Grzinich. In addition, there will be a project week with Geert-Jan Hobijn at Otto-Hahn-Gymnasium, open studio visits with Rie Nakajima, and other collaborative projects spread throughout the festival period.

For more information, please see the above-mentioned pages. In addition, we have already published a series of videos, all of which can be found here.

The Sound – Sonic Art in Public Spaces is kindly supported by the